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The UK energy market’s best kept secret is that businesses can get access to cheap, wholesale rates, but only if you know where to look and who to ask. These wholesale rates are much cheaper than what you typically get offered by retail suppliers or resellers.

This is your chance to access these cheap business energy rates and make a huge saving on what you’re currently paying.

Our rates promise

Some companies promise to offer you “the best deals” available. But while the rates might look good on the surface, they’re certainly not the cheapest. Typically, brokers add a hefty margin on top of the wholesale tariff price and standing charge, so you end up paying a lot more than you need to.

We won’t charge you a penny for finding you the best deals. Just sign up to one of our cloud telecom services and you’ll get immediate access to the cheapest wholesale tariffs around.

Current Gas Rates Available

Based on annual usage of 28,000 Kw
SupplierTariffTermPaymentStanding ChargePrices (p/kwh)Annual Cost
BG Lite V1512 MonthsDirect Debit45.000 p/day1.980 p/kWh£718.65
Lockdown Lowdown SC 09/07/202012 MonthsDirect Debit79.000 p/day1.599 p/kWh£736.07
Lockdown Lowdown SC 09/07/202024 MonthsDirect Debit80.000 p/day1.646 p/kWh£752.88
Lockdown Lowdown SC 09/07/202036 MonthsDirect Debit81.000 p/day1.732 p/kWh£780.61
BG Lite V1524 MonthsDirect Debit45.000 p/day2.230 p/kWh£788.65
CNG Gas 180 Days SC 08/07/202012 MonthsDirect Debit79.000 p/day1.855 p/kWh£807.75
EDF Gas Fixed for Business 01/07/202012 MonthsDirect Debit25.000 p/day2.800 p/kWh£813.98
Base Price Plus 29/04/202012 MonthsDirect Debit18.000 p/day2.690 p/kWh£818.90
AvantiGas SC 06/07/202012 MonthsDirect Debit39.000 p/day2.464 p/kWh£832.27
AvantiGas SC 06/07/202012 MonthsDirect Debit39.000 p/day2.464 p/kWh£832.27

Current Electricity Rates Available

Based on annual usage of 32,000 Kw
SupplierTariffTermPaymentStanding ChargePrices (p/kwh)Annual Cost
Acquisition V7812 MonthsDirect Debit31.300 p/day13.510 All Units£4,437.45
Acquisition V7824 MonthsDirect Debit34.050 p/day13.860 All Units£4,559.48
Dual SmartFIX 06/07/202012 MonthsFixed Direct Debit26.520 p/day13.710 All Units£4,484.00
Dual SmartFIX 06/07/202024 MonthsFixed Direct Debit27.050 p/day13.840 All Units£4,527.53
Engie Matrix 12 07/07/202012 MonthsDirect Debit23.614 p/day14.255 All Units£4,647.79
Fixed Selective AMR 09/07/202012 MonthsDirect Debit25.315 p/day13.854 All Units£4,525.68
Fixed Selective AMR 09/07/202024 MonthsDirect Debit25.381 p/day14.060 All Units£4,591.84
BG Lite V44.112 MonthsDirect Debit27.260 p/day13.710 All Units£4,486.70
BG Lite V44.124 MonthsDirect Debit28.740 p/day13.920 All Units£4,559.30
Ecotricity Fully Fixed 07/07/202012 MonthsDirect Debit40.190 p/day13.500 All Units£4,466.69

100% transparency & no hidden fees

If you’re already signed up to one of our cloud telecom packages, we won’t charge any fees or commission for finding you the best business energy deals. The rate you choose will be the one you pay, and no more. 

A typical broker will promise to find you “the best energy deals”, but won’t show you their hidden fees & commission. This lack of transparency really annoys us. And keeps you, the customer, completely in the dark about how your rates are calculated.

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