Stop paying way over the odds for your business energy

We'll help you avoid the 'rip-off' deals because we know how to find the UK's cheapest energy rates.

Get direct access to the UK’s cheapest business energy rates

The UK energy market’s best kept secret is that businesses can get access to cheap, wholesale rates, but only if you know where to look and who to ask. These wholesale rates are way cheaper than what you typically get offered by retail suppliers or energy resellers.

This is your chance to access these cheap business energy rates and make a massive saving on what you’re currently paying.

We won’t surprise you with any hidden charges either. Any charge you pay for our services will be completely transparent, agreed up front and based on the annual energy savings you’ll make.

Why You Need This Service

Access to the UK’s cheapest Energy & Utility rates

Some companies promise to give you “the best deals” on the market. But while the rates might look good on the surface, they’re certainly not the lowest available. Typically, brokers add a hefty margin on top of the wholesale tariff price and standing charge, so you end up paying a lot more than you need to.

Our offer is based around 100% transparency. We promise to find you the cheapest wholesale tariffs around, plus we’ll be completely clear about any extra fees included in the rate.

How Does It Work?

How do I get the best deals?

It’s quite simple. Just fill out this simple online form and let us know which utility rates you want us to search for you. We’ll run your details through our platform to see which providers can offer you the best deals. It won’t be a question of “if” we can beat your current energy cost, it’ll be by how much.

Our suppliers are all fully-licensed utility providers so no worries there.

No need to sign up to onerously long contract periods either. Choose a 12 month contract if you want, then once it’s up we’ll review the market to see if any cheaper deals are available. We’ll ensure you’re always paying the cheapest rates for your business.

What Does It Cost?

What will this service cost me?

A typical broker will promise to find you “the best energy deals”. But they won’t show you the hidden fees & commission they add on top of the supplier tariffs.

We’re not suggesting brokers should work for free. But what really annoys us is the secrecy and lack of transparency which keeps you, the buyer, completely in the dark about how your rates are calculated.

We charge far less than other energy brokers. And all our fees will be shown on your rate comparison report, along with a full breakdown of the tariffs from each supplier. This means you’ll get to choose the very best deal for your business gas or electricity.

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